What Our Clients Say

Last week I visited the Black Rock Resort for a luncheon prepared for our tour group.  My friend and I went to the washroom near the lobby area.  We both fell in love with the hands soap in the resort restroom. The scent is fresh and our hands felt so soft for hours. Upon my return, I contacted the Black Rock Resort to ask them what was the name of the company hands soap they put in their dispensers.  I was told it was Seaflora a local company in Sooke. I am so happy to have discovered Seaflora products, they are quickly becoming my favourite for all of my skin care needs!

Sylvia Bourque ~ White Rock, BC

My husband and I love staying at Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet during storm season. Every year we are there, a couple of thalassophiles ready for sea side spa treatments using Seaflora. We buy some Seaflora to take home and some to gift our friends watching our pets. This year we were over the moon when we saw Seaflora in the bathrooms throughout the hotel and in our suite! Seaflora shampoo?! Seaflora conditioner?! My hair has never felt so nice! This time we bought so much Seaflora for us at home (and some for our friends watching our pets), we brought it to the post office and shipped it home ahead of time so we didn’t have to take it on our flight!

Joan Therrien ~ Dartmouth, Nova Scotia